Welcome to my world—a non-linear career journey shaped by life's twists, turns, and international moves. From pharma, healthcare publishing to celebrity talent management, luxury, media and entertainment industry and more. I’ve woven through diverse sectors, demonstrating skills transcend boundaries.

A Bachelor of Honours in Business Administration and Management, and a Professional Certification in E-Marketing from CIM and digital marketing and trained in coaching, mentoring. I am both left [logical/analytical] and right brain [creative/artistic]. Process driven yet in the process is fluidity too.

Think A-G-Z not ABC allows me to provide fresh perspectives original viewpoints, original ideas differentiating twists to improve and elevate.

Working in a variety of industries, two continents, a thirst for knowledge, on going training has provided me with a wealth of knowledge too; I combine logic, life experience, intuition, text book and, common sense.

Took on my first corporate mentoring role at twenty four. Since supporting individuals on their personal development journey today has included working with senior stakeholders and public personalities.

A forte in stakeholder relationship management, cultivated through navigating the intricate world of A-list artists, global brands and formative career in pharma sales.

An mpowered speaker with comedic flair, passionate about speaking, training inspiring others. Shared insights and voice, at events and platforms, such as the 2023 Mentoring Matters Conference, the Vision Podcast 3.0. and Hobatech business transformation podcast.

Beyond fresh perspectives, expanded thinking. I bring a positive, empowered approach and next level energetics - my signature.

Outside of work outdoors, cuisine, cars, the arts, flowers, design, history, sports, wellbeing practices and travel.

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