A Game I Public Personality I Snr Stakeholders

A Game I Public Personality I Snr Stakeholders

If there is one thing I have learnt if you want next level in business, career, life. To feel more grounded, more creative, more mpowered. Personal development is required. I am skilled in mpowering people.

EXCLUSIVE BASIS Only: 1:1 sessions please contact for packages.

I am NOT a therapist. I am NOT a psychologist. I am a NEXT LEVEL STRATEGIST with expansive career experience and a 25 year interest in personal development. Trained in mentoring, coaching, mind science & spiritual practices. I coined the phrase “inner branding.”

Wearing my strategist hat; my ability to show fresh perspectives. I am a catalyst:

  • My ability to see people’s full potential.
  • Ability to provide necessary self awareness so you can let go of thinking that takes away from your professional, personal life.
  • Re-energise creativity, enjoyment.

Which contributes to a sense of liberation, positively impacting career’s, career transitions, life.

Senior stakeholders

  • Do not often get day to day recognition, the well done’s.
  • Do not always have individuals they can speak with who have their back 110%
  • Reality to get to points in your career when you feel less mpowered, motivated
  • Alpha career stakeholders it becomes an inner game. There can be confusion where the next level is when you have checked all the core boxes.

In the spotlight

  • Being in the spotlight you do not always get authentic view points. Yes people provide reassurance which is required at times. However, if this is all you hear it does not serve you for the long term.
  • Stagnant creativity, lack of enjoyment in what you do.

Trophies, awards, money, material goods are fantastic and a big part of the “life pie”, absolutely, however more often than not do not bring complete fulfilment. You can have it all. Or at least fill all the parts of the pie up to a good level. Or not. It’s completely up to you.

Provide a safe space to have a conversation or two without fear of judgement. Embrace self discovery. Know thyself. Be prepared to laugh too. Familiar working in highly confidential circles. Please provide NDA.


Help you see, access full, untapped potential. Outcomes: increased confidence because when you know ‘brand you’, you can access, excel including in areas you have not explored; opening you up to new opportunities you may have previously overlooked leading to new career paths, projects; you become more self assured; performance improves [work, hobbies, personal life]; you get increase resilience because you are aware that you possess resources to overcome obstacles; enhances adaptability because you are better equipped to navigate changes because you believe in your capacity to handle them; enhances wellbeing by reducing regrets, what if’s ensuring you make the most of your talents. In short - powerful catalyst for personal development, improved self esteem, more fulfilling life.

Providing self-awareness to let go of things that don’t serve. Outcomes: feel more fulfilled, a healthier, more balanced existence. Stronger, more rosy mental wellbeing. Better relationships. Increases self confidence. General feeling of liberation, increased life satisfaction.

Support transmuting past negative experiences Outcomes: invaluable insights, personal growth, emotional strength [you feel lighter, more clear headed]; turn pain into wisdom making you more resilient for the future; shifting perspectives increases self-esteem, self worth; you feel much better about yourself.

My ability to centre, ground your energy. Outcomes: transforms thinking, get rid of scattered thinking, back to clearer thinking; epiphanies [i.e one focused conversation it took 6.5 mins]; allows more confident decision making from a place of centeredness, calm.

Fresh perspectives. Outcome: enjoy life, career more.


I have been gifted, and also grown sensibilities which have and can change peoples lives. However this work is on an exclusive basis. And for those:

  • Good work ethic, action takers
  • Must be coachable i.e. open to receive information, direction
  • Those who want to action, for the right reasons

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I work with those that respect & recognise the value of such sensibilities.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lets make some magic. 

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