Public Personality Consulting  Sessions

Public Personality Consulting Sessions


I have worked in many facets of the Entertainment industry in UK and US [film, music, tv, talent services] including working in inner circles of high profile personalities. I get what it means to be in the public eye. Prior to working in this industry I worked in corporate and for entrepreneurs with small to medium sized businesses.

  • ability to see people’s full potential
  • identify, build new revenues streams
  • business & creative strategy


Motivational coach with 25 year interest in personal development and trained in mentoring & coaching.

· Providing a safe space to have a conversation to elevate inner branding [ confidence, mindset etc]

· Providing self awareness, to let go of things that don’t serve to open up new business opps

· Grounding thinking and decision making

I work with those who:

  • Who genuinely want to grow their brand/business revenue
  • Are coachable
  • Who pay on time

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I work with those that respect & recognise the value of such sensibilities.

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