Artist Mentoring

Artist Mentoring

Julia blends the role of mentor, motivational coach and advisor empowering artists with new levels of confidence. A mentors role is to provide support by offering advice and assistance in a way that empowers the mentee. Helping the individual grow, develop, help them achieve their goals & aspirations in life, in career, or in business.

Artists careers are a roller coaster of highs and lows and everything in between.Mentoring helps refine your whole approach, sharpen your creativity, energizing day-to-day activities, learning new practices & navigating career transitions and creative blocks. The entertainment industry is also a business just like any other industry. Many artists focus on the creativity however it is just as important to understand a) it is a business b) how the business works if you want to build a career in the industry or decide if it is a career for you.

Other coaching topics:

· How to get ahead

· Building your personal brand to support career wins

· Monetising your personal brand

· Managing career transitions

· Shifting your mindset 

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