Mpowering Energising Grounding

Mpowering Energising Grounding

Julia was born and raised in England, UK before expanding her horizons, living and working in the USA.

Graduating in business she spent her formative career working in the UK in corporate sales, marketing, business development in the pharmaceutical and healthcare publishing industries. She excelled in sales becoming the number one in SBU in 18 months winning the company national recognition award whilst also demonstrating an early aptitude for marketing & creative design thinking. She took on her first mentoring and training roles in her early twenties where she blended her learnings with a powerful motivational voice. She became versed in engaging with senior executives, national experts and C suite transcending many of her age while building a diverse toolbox of core functional business and soft skills garnered through experience, self study and further study:

  • Chartered Institute Marketing Certification in e-marketing

And training:

  • coaching & mentoring
  • managing people
  • communications skills
  • executive leadership
  • presentation skills
  • sales
  • team building
  • insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness Training

Moving to the service provider side of the pharma industry provided Julia with her first managerial position developing her people & team management competencies including responsibility for managing twenty redundancy consultations when the company was bought out and all employees made redundant including herself.

Julia took the opportunity to re-engineer her career to a new industry; the entertainment industry. She needed to architect how she could navigate entering a the industry which was known for making people start at the bottom regardless of transferable skills whilst still maintaining financial commitments to mortgages and a lifestyle she had built in her first career.

Julia took on consulting positions to two founders of two multi-million pound publishing and marketing businesses delivering results across sales, business development & marketing verticals and producing 100+ events across UK & Northern Ireland for brands such as Audi, Renault etc In tandem she researched, selected from the UK Television production bible three companies whose content she admired. She was offered unpaid! intern positions with all three. She recounts in her first week being told by a producer four years her junior, “that was the best coffee run they had ever experienced.” Julia took it in her stride. If only they knew the prior week she had been pitching to C suite of a top ten pharma company. Not deterred within weeks Julia moved from runner to production assistant pre-production on a Television feature film to be filmed overseas working with the leading above & below line talent.

A permeant job offer followed however the financial remuneration did not align to Julia’s financial commitments. As an alternative the production company introduced Julia to an independent features producer who Julia would spend the next two years working with in between her consulting commitments building her knowledge pool on the A-Z of independent feature film production whilst also learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine.

A life event drove Julia’s second leap of faith. This time 8,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Los Angeles and Hollywood. She had been provided one contact, a television agent at CAA, one of the most iconic talent agency’s in the world. She took the interview and was offered a position in the TV department. Her celebration was short lived. Human resources were not providing visa sponsorship. It was back to the drawing board and again back to basics for Julia whilst she took on unpaid internships in an attempt to secure a position and sponsorship. Shortly before returning to UK divine intervention struck. Julia was offered a position with an indie production company. Taking on an all encompassing development position working across business plans, with writers on scripts, line budgets and in her tenure travelled to Australia on two occasions to meet with film funds, private investors, corporate sponsors, below and above line talent.

A year later Julia was approached and transitioned to infamous 19 entertainment where after an initial time in operations joined the talent management division assisting in the build out of Brand Beckham following their move to the USA. Julia was able to apply her knowledge and experience from business and production worlds, her people management and training sensibilities relishing in the diverse portfolio of businesses and monetization streams that encompass global personalities including the build out of a luxury fashion and accessories brand. What was evident to Julia brand building whether a company, or an individual the same principles still apply.

After leaving 19 Julia took her richly expanded toolbox of international business learnings, experiences and contacts applying to a diverse pool of consulting assignments in US and UK: with celebrity talent, emerging talent, entrepreneurs, production houses, non-profits, some small to medium size enterprises. It was during this time that Julia was approached by a CMO who sought her out when requiring a trusted soundboard on marketing strategies and soft skills. Julia’s official start of her mentoring career. Julia has been tasked to set up small enterprises, support high profile individuals during times of crisis and led a boutique marketing agency.

Regardless of client or medium Julia channels her branding, brand building, marketing and strategic competencies. Her traditional marketing strategies are interwoven with impactful positive psychology and neuro marketing strategies. Whilst her creativity knows no bounds.

She has built a library of learnings via both experience (what’s worked, what hasn’t worked), as well as ongoing study. She is gifted in her ability as a creative strategist, communications and marketing specialist and motivational voice supporting those in senior, executive and leadership positions.

Julia embodies with all her work a 20 year inherent interest in personal development, wellness, and what she would describe as spiritual and universal intelligence which can be applied to business.

Julia describes herself as, different. Said with a large smile on her face. She has a penchant for food, positive psychology, comedy, nature and music. She is a champion of what she calls knowledge share. She has a humanitarian spirit and a footprint volunteering for non-profit organisations in the UK and US. She has a deep care for a number of environmental, social and human causes and a vision to lead a charity channeling resources to those non-profits that make tangible, impactful positive change to the planet, humankind.

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